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High-Tip Bucket Range

Price: £24.50

Suton specialise in building High-Tip Buckets to suit anything from small loaders to the largest loading shovels.

Each Suton High-Tip is designed and built to each individual customers needs focusing on the material being moved ensuring maximum efficiency from your prime mover!

Every Suton High-Tip Bucket is built using superior high tensile steels. All pivot points are greasable with main pivots benefiting from hardened steel pins and spring bushes ensuring maximum longevity and minimal maintenance.

Suton install heavy-duty end cushioning rams with self-aligning end bearings in every bucket, matching this with heavy-duty rubber buffers on ram closure.

Suton High-Tip Buckets can be built as Open (clean) floor bucket type with end tip design. Ensuring no product can be caught in the bucket with clean emptying every time.

Standard Range – 

Designed specifically for grain handling

LCT-04844MA1.70m0.75m3580kg2.0 tonne
LCT-06133MA2.60m1.50m31200kg3.5 tonne
LCT-05607MA2.50m2.0m31300kg4.0 tonne

As a standard specification, buckets are supplied with ‘Quick-Hitch’ brackets.

Other forms of mounting, e.g Direct pin attachment are available @ £POA.

Heavy-Duty Range –

Designed specifically for loading Shovel, tailor designed for your application.

(Prices are guide only and may alter for certain application.)

ELCT-02-0002.70m3.20m32100kg6.0 tonne
ELCT-05441MA2.70m4.0m32250kg7.0 tonne
ELCT-04396MA2.70m4.50m2300kg8.0 tonne
ELCT-03236MA3.0m6.5m32580kg10.0 tonne

As a standard specification buckets are supplied with ‘Quick-Hitch’ brackets.

Other forms of mounting, e.g Direct pins attachment are available @ £POA.

Other sizes are available, all designs and drawings are agreed prior to manufacture and we offer a site visit service to discuss your requirements and application.

High-Tip Root Basket – 

Suton have developed a unique folding top Sugar Beet basket which is in use with many of the leading contractors across the UK and further afield.

The hydraulically adjustable ‘top section’ allows the bucket to pass underneath the Cleaner Loader without loss of capacity.

Detachable safety warning lights, or Full Road Lighting to customer’s requirements @ £POA.

Replaceable, rounded leading front edge for crop damage limitation.

ELCR-05876MA3.230m7.0m32475kg6.0 tonne

This is a guide to our popular model. However, we build the basket around your prime mover to achieve maximum efficiency for your machine.

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